Jay Garnett Bio

Business History

Lifelong Entrepreneur with more than 35 years experience owning, acquiring, managing and selling 7 and 8 figure businesses. Management and business approach was always from an analytical basis and was responsible for setting up and maintaining accounting and financial reporting systems.

Axio Technologies, Owner, CEO/President: Acquired in a small microfilm company with 8 employees.  Grew the company to 150 employees and scanning 1 million pages per week. Sold the business for multiple 7 figures, making 5x initial investment.

Community First National Bank, Co-Founder/Director: Founded the bank in 1997 along with several other investors. Was instrumental in raising $6 million in capital to meet national "de novo" bank capital requirements. Served on the Board of Directors for 11 years and sat on several committees.

CBS ArcSafe, Co-Owner, CEO/President: Was a partner in a startup company in Texas manufacturing an innovative "racking" device designed to facilitate safe maintenance on high voltage circuit breakers. Business was a huge success, generating over $10 million in revenue in the first year.

Townsquare Internet, Investor/Director: With 2 partners, we acquired a fledgling internet service provider in southern Missouri. It grew to be the largest provider in the region. Was involved in managing the business and deeply involved in leading the company through meteoric growth. Sold the investment after 3 years with a 10x return.

Cogen Development Corporation, Owner, CEO/President: Co-Developer of the Archbald Cogeneration Plant located in Archbald, PA. Partnered with Florida Power and Light, Ashland Oil and Riley Stoker Corporation to construct an innovative coal waste to energy plant costing $47 million. Consulting on other cogeneration projects in PA, WV and WY.

Garnett Wood Products, Co-Owner, Various Positions: Grew up in southern Missouri in an entrepreneurial family.  Worked in family business in a variety of roles including Chief Financial Officer. Business grew from scratch to gross $35 million / year.

Founder/Owner/Investor in several other businesses including an eCommerce business selling beach products, real estate investment firm rehabbing houses and a retail business providing IT services.


Graduated Cum Laude from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Accounting, May, 1981.

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